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Weekly Classes

Weekly Classes


Chabad provides a nexus for Jewish learning and practice. Whether you're looking for in-depth Talmud study, Kabbalah philosophy or want to learn Hebrew, our team of Rabbis and Rebbetzins offer weekly classes on a variety of Jewish subjects.

For one-on-one learning, to discuss learning opportunities or present a question to a rabbi, email


Torah & Tea (Oro Valley)
Monday 11:00am @ Chabad Oro Valley
A relaxed & conversational class for women withMushkie Zimmerman

Torah & Tea (Tucson)
Monday 7:30pm @ 2411 E Elm Street
A relaxed & conversational class for women with Rabbi Yossie Shemtov


Sinai Scholars (students)
Tuesday 7:30 pm @ Chabad UA
A class on Jewish faith, tradition and philosophy with Rabbi Yossi Winner


Gemara Study (students)
Wednesday 10:00 am @ Chabad UA
Studying Talmud tractate Kiddushin with Rabbi Yossi Winner

Lunch & Learn
Wednesday 12:15 pm @ 5th Street Deli
A motivational Torah discussion over kosher lunch with Rabbi Yehuda Ceitlin. Men and women welcome.

Torah Class (Oro Valley)
7:00pm @ Chabad Oro Valley
A dose of thought-provoking Jewish learning with Rabbi Ephraim Zimmerman


Soul Maps
Thursday 7:00 pm at Tucson JCC

A six-week course on Kabbalah to navigate your inner world taught by Rabbi Yehuda Ceitlin. Begins Feb. 11.
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Kabbalah For Men
Thursday 7:00 pm @ Chabad on River
Studying the esoteric part of the Torah with Rabbi Ram Bigelman