Congregation Young Israel of Tucson is the city's oldest Orthodox Jewish synagogue and is located in the historic Sam Hughes neighborhood since its establishment in 1948.

Our mission statement provides that we are a Torah-observant shul established to serve the ritual and spiritual needs of the Tucson Jewish community.

Our goal, well-established and well-known after 60 years, is to welcome Jews of all backgrounds into a warm and spiritually rich environment of Jewish prayer, learning, celebration, education, and interaction.

It is a hallmark of our institution that all are welcome without regard for their ability to pay membership dues and without concern for their level of observance and Jewish education.

Our services, from daily minyanim to Shabbat and holidays, draw a fascinating, all-ages mix of American and foreign-born Jews who pray together even if they are reading from any number of different (often tattered) siddurim available at our entrance.

Our rabbis serve the community with loving guidance and profound wisdom. They have uplifted congregants with inspiring Torah lessons and their care for the community is well known to all.