Chabad Tucson is committed to the well-being of all of our community, congregants, students and attendees of our programs and events. 

We are following the CDC and our local state and county health department’s guidelines and directives on the development of the coronavirus (COVID-19). We will continue to monitor the situation and will communicate updates as needed. 

1. Our shul at 2443 E 4th Street was sanitized and disinfected on Friday, March 13, 2020.

2. Services will continue as planned while keeping a safe social distance ((including refraining from shaking hands). Please wash your hands with soap upon arriving. 

3. Food of any kind should not be brought to the shul and no food will be served in the shul (including the "Special Kiddush" on Shabbos day).

4. If you are not feeling well or have been near someone who is exhibiting any symptoms, we ask you to remain home and focus instead on your health. People above the age of 60 should refrain from coming to shul as well, as per the CDC.

5. If you are praying from home, it is recommended that your time your prayers to the service held in shul (9:30am-12pm on Shabbos). 

6. All classes will not be taking place at this time. We are exploring online classes. To be notified on this, email: 

7. We encourage you to do extra Mitzvos to boost your spiritual immune system. This includes (but not limited to): Praying, learning Torah, giving extra charity, calling or texting a friend to wish them well, lighting Shabbos candles.

May G‑d Almighty watch over our community and the entire world and remove all illness and disease from our midst.

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