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In his youth, the pro-Israel activist Jonathan Kessler would meet a Chabad Yeshiva boy on the New York subway who would offer to put Tefillin on him.

Kessler regularly refused. Yet, every time they met, the Chabad boy would offer him the opportunity to pray.

After meeting so many times, Kessler told him: "You probably failed in your mission."

Without missing a beat, the Chabad boy said: "Well, it depends what you think my mission is..."

"Your mission is to get me to put on Tefillin and I haven't," Kessler said.

"I actually have been very successful in my mission," the Chabad boy replied. "My mission is to remind you that you are Jewish and that we care and love you just as you are..."

Chabad Tucson has been offering a wide range of services, classes and programs since 1983. Some of those are religious by nature, others have a more intellectual, cultural or humanitarian orientation.

What they all have in common is the purpose behind them as taught by the Rebbe - to enrich the lives of people in Tucson and across Southern Arizona.

Our newest initiative is publishing a newspaper called "Keeping Jewish." Its goal is to keep people engaged and celebrate Jewish traditions and be inspired by our heritage and stories. 

It will be distributed free to all members of the Jewish community and beyond and will serve as an occasional reminder that we are thinking about you.

The first pilot issue was published for Passover 2021 and our next issue is scheduled for May 2021, in time for the holiday of Shavuos.

Subscription is free. Sign up at:

If you can contribute (with writing, photographing etc.) and to inquire about advertising, please email: [email protected]

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