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Keeping Jewish - Chanukah 2022


The new issue of Keeping Jewish brings you into the spirit of the upcoming holiday of Chanukah, which begins on the evening of Sunday, December 18.

The new Tubac Menorah pays tribute to the Jewish frontier pioneers of the southwest and we spoke to the driving force behind it, Jennifer Tougas.

12 myths and misconceptions about Chanukah are busted in an enlightening spread, covering history and practices.

There's a powerful article about four spiritual lessons shared during an important meeting in Brooklyn in 1951.

Rebbetzin Feigie Ceitlin shares a recipe for sweet ricotta latkes for those wanted to try something other than the traditional potato version.

A new book shares a personal perspective on reconciling G-d's goodness and human suffering.

And a quick review shares the story of the Aramaic language from the Middle East and how it is making a comeback in New Jersey.

In other news, the recent conference of Chabad rabbis highlighted the fastest-growing Jewish movement, and a college football player is a Jewish inspiration.

Our humorist Mordechai Schmutter lists some holiday products that don't exist and that we could really use in our kitchen and elsewhere.

On the Fun Page, play Jewish History True or False, or try creating a glittery dreidel snow globe for Chanukah.

Enjoy the read, and lookout for the printed version in the mail:

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