Keeping Jewish - January 2023

Friday, 6 January, 2023 - 1:55 am


The cover story of the new January issue of Keeping Jewish is about professor Samuel Yalkowsky who triumphed over dyslexia to develop Zanax and mentor pharmacists.

Do dogs go to heaven? We gathered 18 common questions people have about pets and Judaism and tried to bring you the most accurate answers.

When Ari brought home cheesecake for his wife Jody, it had the opposite effect he expected. For her, it resembled their crumbling marriage...

This month, the Jewish community in Hebron marks its own holiday - the time when a miracle saved them from a cruel Ottoman Pasha.

Welcome to town: Israeli media expert Anat Balint is loving Tucson, yoga and tomatoes.

For the monthly recipe, Rebbetzin Feigie Ceitlin shares a family cherished dish: Bubby's lokshen kugel made from egg noodles.

On our fun page, take the Tzedakah quiz to see how familiar you are with the Jewish practice of charity.

Our humorist has a few things to say about how he's been recently getting older, and our rabbi tells of a cherry-wood bookcase of a superior court judge. 

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