Keeping Jewish - November 2023

Friday, 3 November, 2023 - 11:40 am

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The new issue of Keeping Jewish is once again dedicated to the war that Israel is fighting. Abbi Friedman Perets provides a personal account of life under threat, Tucson congregations plan Solidarity Shabbat, and a story about holding on for dear life.

Plus: 10 tips for hosting an enjoyable Shabbat meal, and the meaning of the Hebrew word "ligmol."

Welcome to town: Richard Wagner, who knows more about cinema than any ornithologist and more about birds than any film critic.

Veterans Day: A meeting that transformed a disabled veteran.

Thanksgiving: A humorous history of the holiday.

Recipe of the month: Hearty carrot muffins, perfect for the colder days.

Don't miss the fun page: Take the quiz about Jewish warriors, and try the DIY get-well card for someone under the weather.

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