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Lamplighter Chabad Day School

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A Nurturing and Warm Space

Lamplighter Chabad Day School & Preschool of Tucson, Arizona strives to offer young Jewish children a vibrant and nurturing environment, fostering their educational, social, and spiritual growth. Our commitment is to provide each student with a comprehensive education that blends authentic Jewish traditions and customs seamlessly with diverse academic subjects, personal development, values, socialization, and learning skills.

Lamplighter is aesthetically beautiful and provides an atmosphere that all the children can comfortably learn. The teachers are not only attentive and wonderful at helping to form little minds, but they are loving and committed to creating a Jewish environment. We couldn’t have imagined a better school for our son!

Daniel & Samantha Feldman

Lamplighter Chabad Day School is an affiliate of Chabad Tucson

3830 E Bellevue St Tucson, AZ 85716 | 520-881-7956

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