Immersion in the mikvah is the culmination of Taharat Hamishpachah (Family Purity), a system predicated on the woman’s monthly cycle.

From the onset of menstruation and for 7 days after its end, until the woman immerses in the mikvah, husband and wife may not engage in sexual relations.

Exactly a week from when the woman has established the cessation of her flow, she visits the mikvah. Immersion takes place after nightfall of the seventh day and is preceded by a requisite cleansing.

The immersion is a special moment for the woman who has adhered to the many nuances of the mitzvah and has anticipated this night.

The immersion is valid only when the waters of the mikvah envelop each and every part of the body and, indeed, each hair. To this end, the woman bathes, shampoos, combs her hair and removes from her body anything that might impede her total immersion.

After immersing once, while standing in the waters of the mikvah, the woman recites the blessing for ritual purification and then, in accordance with widespread custom, immerses twice more.

Many women use this auspicious time for personal prayer and communication with G‑d. After immersion, woman and husband may resume marital relations.


Opening Hours for Women:

Sunday-Thursday: After nightfall

Friday: 3:00 PM until sunset

Shabbos: 1 hour after nightfall


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