Keeping Jewish

Keeping Jewish - August 2022


The new issue of Keeping Jewish, the monthly newspaper of Chabad Tucson, features the daring trip of Arizona Dr. Jack Rosoff to assist people in war-torn Ukraine.

Commemorating Tisha B'Av: A short guide to the saddest day on the Jewish calendar and a reflection on being less judgmental of others.

Celebrating Tu B'Av: Fun activities to do on this holiday of love and marriage.

A visit to the neurologist has brought back a memory of a Brazilian tribe's painful coming of age ceremony.

Welcome to Town: Alan Simmonds is soon turning 87 and is beginning a new chapter in his life with family in Tucson.

Plus: Spiritual lesson from a cross-country trip, a humorous take on school supplies, and an easy summer recipe.


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Keeping Jewish - 4th of July 2022


New issue of Keeping Jewish for July 2022:

Author Rita Irwin-Davidson, Rabbi Yehuda Ceitlin, attorney Harriette Levitt and State Representative Morgan Abraham write about being Jewish in the USA.

Also in honor of the 4th of July: The Jewish hero Haym Salomon who financed the American Revolution and a quiz on American Jewish history.

The Three Weeks - the 21 days of prayer for the rebuilding of Jerusalem and final redemption.

Welcome to town: Yael Dubin, a relationship coach and an avid reader.

Recipe of the month by Rebbetzin Feigie Ceitlin: Crispy fish tacos with colorful slaw.

Additional articles:

Advice for the unwary 

Activities for a long summer Shabbat

A humorist's take on visiting a doctor

Jewish art exhibit planned in Oro Valley

New course on Jewish law's values

Keeping Jewish - Shavuot issue


In honor of Shavuot - the giving of the Torah:

  • A profile about Rifka Chilungu's journey to Judaism
  • A guide to celebrating
  • A recipe for sweet cheese blintzes
  • A biography about the founder of Chassidism who passed on Shavuot
  • And a quiz to brush up on your knowledge


Our rabbi comments about the mass shootings in Buffalo and Texas.

Jerry Levy shares historical fiction from his new book "The 89 Cent Jewish Inspired Series."

Our humorist writes about his family's tradition of swimming lessons.

A moving reflection in honor of Father's Day on May 19.

And we welcome to town Adam Schiff who already misses the pizza he used to eat in New York.

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Keeping Jewish - May 2022


In the new issue of Keeping Jewish:

Dr. Steve Wool talks about science, the role of faith and longevity.

Sharon Glassberg writes a touching article in honor of Mother's Day.

Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy Reserve Laurie Lans writes about her life in honor of Memorial Day.

Rabbi Yehuda Ceitlin reflects on the new Moment of Silence legislation for Arizona schools.

Featured on the Welcome to town page is Adam Blank, the newest recruit of Raytheon Technologies.

And don't miss out the 17 interesting facts about the Holy Land of Israel and the Hebrew-English tourism quiz.

Plus: a recipe for a super simple Caesar salad, the humorous article,

Keeping Jewish - Pesach 5782


The new issue of Keeping Jewish is filled with Passover-related inspiration, information, and even humor.

Matzahs from Ukraine made their way to Tucson; basic things to know about the holiday, essential times, a silly cleaning guide, a recipe for the best potato kugel ever, and what to expect if it's your first time as a guest.

There's a reflection from an investment advisor who found meaning in bankruptcy and a meditation with the start of counting the Omer.

In honor of the Rebbe's 120th birthday, an account of his childhood in Ukraine and a personal lesson learned during an encounter with him in the late 1980s.

And we welcome the newest resident, newlywed, and teacher at Lamplighter Chabad Day School of Tucson.

Our first anniversary!


Just over a year ago, our Tucson Jewish Community faced serious obstacles that impacted our ability to communicate with each other. 

The Arizona Jewish Post had stopped publishing the local Jewish newspaper while the Covid pandemic raged on and continued to isolate us.

In response, in April of 2021, with the encouragement of a dear friend, Chabad began publishing "Keeping Jewish."

Since its inception, the feedback has been heartwarming and we continued to publish the paper on a monthly basis, to a growing list of appreciative subscribers.

The paper is mailed free to homes, businesses and independent living communities across Southern Arizona.

We are approaching the first anniversary and would be most grateful for your support to continue printing this vital and already beloved publication.

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Keeping Jewish - Purim issue


The new issue of Keeping Jewish celebrates the holiday of Purim with a practical guide, a recipe for traditional kreplach, interesting facts about Jews of ancient Persia, and coming together as a community.

The feature story was written by playwright and actor Liba Vaynberg about her family's history under Soviet oppression.

The Welcome to Town page introduces Casey Weiss, the new outreach coordinator of Coyote TaskForce which helps the homeless.

Other articles discuss Tucson's support for Ukraine, how labor shortages will affect Passover shopping, how happiness is the ultimate revenge and a Name Game to fill out while reading the Book of Esther.

Keeping Jewish - Tucson Gem Show issue


This month's Keeping Jewish newspaper tells the story of how the Tucson Gem Show become a trendsetter for Jewish jewelers around the world.

The zodiac sign for the Jewish month of Adar is fish and we have two articles on the subject - an inspirational one and a humorous one.

The issue includes a brainstorming session ahead of Super Bowl Sunday and a thoughtful article on turning 70 years old.

The Welcome to Town page features Dr. Bital Savir-Baruch, the new Chief of Nuclear Medicine at the University of
Arizona's College of Medicine.

There is also a recipe for penne alla vodka from Feigie's Kitchen, "Advice for the unwary" by Suzanne Cummins, some news and the fun page.

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Keeping Jewish - Tu Bishvat issue


In the new issue of Keeping Jewish from Chabad Tucson:

Tu Bishvat articles:

  • Former Tucsonan Carla Boyd reconnects with roots - literally
  • A guide to celebrating the New Year of Trees
  • A humorous take on eating fruit - fresh and dried
  • An essay about green thumbs

Why some dreams come true - in honor of MLK Day

Divine road word - for the yartzeit of the Rebbe's wife

Welcome to town: Zev Berger, assistant professor at the University of Arizona

From Feigie's Kitchen: The traditional chicken and matzo ball soup

Plus: The basic Yiddish quiz, a coloring corner for kids, learning Hebrew as an adult and more.

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Keeping Jewish - Chanukah issue

Lights, action! The special Chanukah issue includes the story of Tucson's tallest Menorah, a list of celebrations, an historic find and a wonderful holiday poem by Marsha Blitzer.

Check out a recipe for delicious zucchini latkes and a humorous take on how we actually make latkes...

There are new books on the bookshelf, a father's message on his daughter's Bat Mitzvah, an artist's take on spending a morning in Jerusalem and a word scrabble to take a crack at.

We welcome to town Bill Pozez from Pennsylvania and hear about his volunteering with the Kosher Meals on Wheels program.

Keeping Jewish - Thanksgiving issue


Judy Katz Esbit, who survived cancer, has a perspective of gratitude that serves as a beacon of light for herself and others.

She shares her joyful journey against all odds in the November 2021 issue of Keeping Jewish.

In the issue, you will also find a Q&A with a Daniel Feldman in honor of Veterans Day, a recipe for a homemade sweet potato pie, reflections ahead of Chanukah and all about a Chassidic milestone.

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Keeping Jewish for October 2021


In this month's issue of Keeping Jewish for October 2021:

Former EPA consultant John Jones speaks about Tucson's drinking water as we begin our daily prayer for rain.

Angela Cohan, who fled Iran just before the Islamic revolution, wrote a cookbook to preserve the cuisine of the Persian Jewish culture.

We welcome to town Raquel Schnitzer and her family from Phoenix with the Jewish questionnaire (she's a descendant of the father of the Mussar movement).

Medical professionals in Israel speak about the impact of Covid-19 on the mental health of teens.

We have an enlightening article about the inner workings of the Jewish calendar (and why this year is a leap year), tips on making a new year's resolution, a mushroom barley soup from Feigie Ceitlin and the fun page.

Read all about it!

Keeping Jewish #6 for the new Jewish year


The new issue of Keeping Jewish for September 2021 is filled with inspiration and guidance for the new Jewish year of 5782.

Michal Oshman, an executive TikTok and formerly at Facebook, writes about a lesson she learned during a family dinner during the pandemic.

Our Judaism 101 pages give a brief overview on Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah (with members of the Kosher in Tucson group on Facebook sharing how they break the fast).

Read the new "Jewish questionnaire" with Sid Abrams, a new resident of Tucson who just celebrated his 85th birthday.

We have inspirational writings by Rabbi Yossie Shemtov, former basketball player Omri Casspi and Miriam Lippel Blum who recently passed away. 

Keeping Jewish #5


Check out the new issue of Keeping Jewish for August 2021, the monthly newspaper of Chabad Tucson!

Our cover boy is Jay Sherman, owner and head designer of Off the Wall Furniture Solutions. His personal story is an inspiration for the month of Elul. 

Oh, honey: There's a new kosher wine that is made out of honey and Feigie Ceitlin presents a classic honey cake recipe.

Back to school! A veteran educator provides useful tips to navigate what both parents and children dread... homework.

Plus: Suzanne Cummins has a suggestion box for G-d, Rabbi Yehuda Ceitlin drew 7 life lessons from the pool and Catherine Roozman-Weigensberg writes about "the invisible caregivers."


Keeping Jewish #4

Keeping Jewish 4 - July 2021.jpg 

New issue of Keeping Jewish, the monthly newspaper of Chabad Tucson!

American journey: Gloria Goldman tells how she, Mo Goldman Larissa Goldman became immigration attorneys.

Meatless Days: Members of Kosher in Tucson group on Facebook discuss plant-based products.

Ninja mom: Phoenix Jewish mother of 4 Liba Yoffe competes on American Ninja Warrior Nation 

Plus: Rabbi Yehuda Ceitlin writes about Surfside, former diplomat Thomas Price writes about Jerusalem of the Balkans, and Judaism 101 has you covered about the fast day of Tisha B'Av.


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