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Keeping Jewish - New year of 5784

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The current issue of the Keeping Jewish newspaper, published by Chabad Tucson, will get you in the spirit of the new Jewish year of 5784.

Featured is a how-to guide on celebrating Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah, along with a delightful salad and a craft to try.

Read about a pivotal trip to Ukraine, Judaism's solution to the "happiness problem," the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, and welcome to town Dr. Diane Ashton, who recalls walking to shul with her Bubbe.

Keeping Jewish - Elul issue


What was it like to raise a Jewish family in Tucson in the 1970s? Bruce and Alayne Greenberg share their story on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Also in the Elul issue of Keeping Jewish: The connection between dry cleaning and teshuva, observances this month, and a fun quiz.

There is also an interview with a new resident, recent kosher developments, a profile about Oppenheimer (the physicist), 17 facts about Mezuzahs, and our humor column.

Keeping Jewish - June 2023


The June issue of Keeping Jewish profiles Rabbi Benzion Shemtov and the new building he's creating for Jews in Sierra Vista.

Welcome to town: Alyssa Katz, a recent hire of the U.S. Public Health Service.

In honor of the Rebbe's yartzeit: The story of how he uplifted Dr. Viktor Frankl, author of Man's Search for Meaning.

Father's Day: Reflections on early mornings and beloved father figures.

Judaism 101 explains the Mitzvah of wearing Tefillin, we have a great recipe for homemade Israeli hummus, an irreverent guide to surviving the summer heat and a quiz of Jewish quotes.

Keeping Jewish - Shavuot issue


The May issue of Keeping Jewish features the story of the Levkowitz family, pioneers of Cong. Young Israel of Tucson and the first Mikvah in Arizona.

In honor of the Shavuot holiday: 9 facts that you should know, 10 women who impacted Torah scholarship, savory cheese verenikas, honoring freedom, and a word search for the books of the Bible.

Welcome to town: Ben Turgeman, an aspiring diplomat who is working as an adjudicator at the Western Passport Center.

Our history pages include some forgotten tragedies from this month and, in honor of Mother's Day, a call to reframing the caregiving experience. Our humorist wants a better way to end a conversation. 

Keeping Jewish - Passover issue


University of Arizona professor Elyse Golob is the cover story of the new issue of the Keeping Jewish newspaper. She talks about overcoming a turbulent past.

Also featured is a quick guide for Passover and the Seder, recipes for charoset and brisket, a story about Matzah in Sibera, interesting Jewish facts about Egypt, and a humorous rant about the Afikoman.

Prepare for the counting of the Omer, read about the current heated debate in Israel in a different light, and try answering a quiz about the Hagaddah.

Keeping Jewish - Tu Bishvat issue


The February 2023 issue of Keeping Jewish is all about growth in honor of Tu Bishvat - the New Year for trees:

Jewish education grows in Tucson: Lamplighter Chabad Day School & Preschool moves into a modern new building.

10 historic trees that are mentioned in the Torah and how to observe Tu Bishvat. And we have a delicious craft to create to celebrate the holiday.

In honor of the Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Show: 7 lessons learned from the sellers of gemstones at the AGTA GemFair.

Jerusalem Post veteran Gil Hoffman is coming to Tucson this month to discuss politics, peace and more.

Welcome to town: Dr. Ben Lombardo, who joined Family Medicine at Banner Health, shares his family history.

Rebbetzin Feigie Ceitlin shares the recipe of the chocolate chip mandelbrot that her great-aunt served in Brooklyn.

Moritz Hochschild was once called a ruthless capitalist. He's now viewed as a heroic rescuer of Jewish people during WWII.

Identifying as a Jew on campus: The story of a student who started wearing a Star of David around her neck.

Our humorist wants to volunteer as a security guard in front of the synagogue - but needs to reconsider.

In honor of President's Day: Quiz yourself on Jewish facts and events with the White House.

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Keeping Jewish - January 2023


The cover story of the new January issue of Keeping Jewish is about professor Samuel Yalkowsky who triumphed over dyslexia to develop Zanax and mentor pharmacists.

Do dogs go to heaven? We gathered 18 common questions people have about pets and Judaism and tried to bring you the most accurate answers.

When Ari brought home cheesecake for his wife Jody, it had the opposite effect he expected. For her, it resembled their crumbling marriage...

This month, the Jewish community in Hebron marks its own holiday - the time when a miracle saved them from a cruel Ottoman Pasha.

Welcome to town: Israeli media expert Anat Balint is loving Tucson, yoga and tomatoes.

For the monthly recipe, Rebbetzin Feigie Ceitlin shares a family cherished dish: Bubby's lokshen kugel made from egg noodles.

On our fun page, take the Tzedakah quiz to see how familiar you are with the Jewish practice of charity.

Our humorist has a few things to say about how he's been recently getting older, and our rabbi tells of a cherry-wood bookcase of a superior court judge. 

Keeping Jewish - Chanukah 2022


The new issue of Keeping Jewish brings you into the spirit of the upcoming holiday of Chanukah, which begins on the evening of Sunday, December 18.

The new Tubac Menorah pays tribute to the Jewish frontier pioneers of the southwest and we spoke to the driving force behind it, Jennifer Tougas.

12 myths and misconceptions about Chanukah are busted in an enlightening spread, covering history and practices.

There's a powerful article about four spiritual lessons shared during an important meeting in Brooklyn in 1951.

Rebbetzin Feigie Ceitlin shares a recipe for sweet ricotta latkes for those wanted to try something other than the traditional potato version.

A new book shares a personal perspective on reconciling G-d's goodness and human suffering.

And a quick review shares the story of the Aramaic language from the Middle East and how it is making a comeback in New Jersey.

In other news, the recent conference of Chabad rabbis highlighted the fastest-growing Jewish movement, and a college football player is a Jewish inspiration.

Our humorist Mordechai Schmutter lists some holiday products that don't exist and that we could really use in our kitchen and elsewhere.

On the Fun Page, play Jewish History True or False, or try creating a glittery dreidel snow globe for Chanukah.

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Keeping Jewish - November 2022



University of Arizona Professor Kenneth Cummins, who advises NASA, the U.S. Air Force and the National Weather Service on lightning, is the cover story of the November issue of Keeping Jewish.

Brush up on your Jewish knowledge by learning about 12 blessings you may not know exist, the Jewish daily routine quiz.

Welcome to town: Joseph Lapko and his family who moved to Florida and then returned to Arizona for endless sunshine.

Stay healthy with a recipe for sticky string beans and the 3-day diet, an experiment that didn't go as planned...

Discover the Jewish community in Hungary, the suffering it experienced during the Second World War and its influx of Israelis.

The touching story of how a broken Star of David helped heal a heart of a caring mother.

And in honor of Thanksgiving, can you match the language with its expression of thank you.




Keeping Jewish - Sukkot holiday


The new issue of the Keeping Jewish newspaper for October 2022 has you covered for the holiday of Sukkot.

There's a quick fact sheet, a column about the odd timing of the holiday, and a humorous take on why it always rains during Sukkot.

Holocaust survivor and author Marion Weinzweig recently told her story to the Arizona Supreme Court.

Welcome to town: Stu and Dania Schulman. They discuss their love for the outdoors and what they already managed to do in Tucson.

The brief yet powerful encounter with the former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev who recenly died.

Preparing for the winter, Feigie Ceitlin presents an easy vegetable soup you can quickly prepare at home.

And as we start to read the Torah from the start, quiz yourself on Parsha Bereishit (Genesis).

Keeping Jewish - Rosh Hashana 5783

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In the Rosh Hashana issue of Keeping Jewish:

Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Sari Horwitz talks about corporate accountability, teshuvah, and celebrating holidays in Tucson.

Rabbi Yehuda Ceitlin writes about voting for the first in the primary election this past month - and its spiritual connection.

A new Rabbi & Rebbetzin are joining Chabad at the University of Arizona, and there's a kosher pizza truck serving up fresh pies.

We have a guide to the observances of the month of Elul and the traditions of Rosh Hashanah (Sep. 25-27, 2022), plus a delicious cinnamon apple kugel recipe.

Welcome to town: Staff Sgt. Corey Silfen who serves at David-Monthan Air Force Base and loves the outdoors.

Read about the connection between Labor Day and Elul, a touching story about a new year's greeting card, and humor about crazy laws that are surprisingly still valid.

Do you know South Africans? Take the quiz on their Jewish traditions.

Keeping Jewish - August 2022


The new issue of Keeping Jewish, the monthly newspaper of Chabad Tucson, features the daring trip of Arizona Dr. Jack Rosoff to assist people in war-torn Ukraine.

Commemorating Tisha B'Av: A short guide to the saddest day on the Jewish calendar and a reflection on being less judgmental of others.

Celebrating Tu B'Av: Fun activities to do on this holiday of love and marriage.

A visit to the neurologist has brought back a memory of a Brazilian tribe's painful coming of age ceremony.

Welcome to Town: Alan Simmonds is soon turning 87 and is beginning a new chapter in his life with family in Tucson.

Plus: Spiritual lesson from a cross-country trip, a humorous take on school supplies, and an easy summer recipe.


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Keeping Jewish - 4th of July 2022


New issue of Keeping Jewish for July 2022:

Author Rita Irwin-Davidson, Rabbi Yehuda Ceitlin, attorney Harriette Levitt and State Representative Morgan Abraham write about being Jewish in the USA.

Also in honor of the 4th of July: The Jewish hero Haym Salomon who financed the American Revolution and a quiz on American Jewish history.

The Three Weeks - the 21 days of prayer for the rebuilding of Jerusalem and final redemption.

Welcome to town: Yael Dubin, a relationship coach and an avid reader.

Recipe of the month by Rebbetzin Feigie Ceitlin: Crispy fish tacos with colorful slaw.

Additional articles:

Advice for the unwary 

Activities for a long summer Shabbat

A humorist's take on visiting a doctor

Jewish art exhibit planned in Oro Valley

New course on Jewish law's values

Keeping Jewish - Shavuot issue


In honor of Shavuot - the giving of the Torah:

  • A profile about Rifka Chilungu's journey to Judaism
  • A guide to celebrating
  • A recipe for sweet cheese blintzes
  • A biography about the founder of Chassidism who passed on Shavuot
  • And a quiz to brush up on your knowledge


Our rabbi comments about the mass shootings in Buffalo and Texas.

Jerry Levy shares historical fiction from his new book "The 89 Cent Jewish Inspired Series."

Our humorist writes about his family's tradition of swimming lessons.

A moving reflection in honor of Father's Day on May 19.

And we welcome to town Adam Schiff who already misses the pizza he used to eat in New York.

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Keeping Jewish - May 2022


In the new issue of Keeping Jewish:

Dr. Steve Wool talks about science, the role of faith and longevity.

Sharon Glassberg writes a touching article in honor of Mother's Day.

Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy Reserve Laurie Lans writes about her life in honor of Memorial Day.

Rabbi Yehuda Ceitlin reflects on the new Moment of Silence legislation for Arizona schools.

Featured on the Welcome to town page is Adam Blank, the newest recruit of Raytheon Technologies.

And don't miss out the 17 interesting facts about the Holy Land of Israel and the Hebrew-English tourism quiz.

Plus: a recipe for a super simple Caesar salad, the humorous article,

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