Keeping Jewish

Keeping Jewish - July 2024

KeepingJewishJuly24.jpgHave you read the July 2024 issue of Keeping Jewish? It centers on the Rebbe, with additional articles about security, Emma Lazarus, a crumble cake to try, and humor on taking elevators.

Keeping Jewish - June 2024

KeepingJewishJune24.jpgThe June issue of Keeping Jewish focused on learning Torah, the heat, and more.

Keeping Jewish - May 2024


The cover girl of the May issue of Keeping Jewish is over 100 years of age! 

Centenarian Helen Goldstein explains how she’s still enthusiastic about life, we have the history of Mother’s Day, the meaning of the Hebrew word for life, all about Ethics of our Fathers, and an easy recipe for a refreshing fruit salad.

Also: Congressman Juan Ciscomani and State Representative Alma Hernandez report about their recent trips to Israel.

Keeping Jewish - Passover issue


The April 2024 issue of Keeping Jewish, published by Chabad Tucson, features a profile about the late U.S. Senator Joe Lieberman and his remarkable faith.

In honor of Passover: A brief planning guide, the story of a military spouse, a favorite recipe, celebrating in the White House, and the unspoken questions on everyone's minds.

Plus, the growing kosher scene in Tucson, a story of hostages and Judaism's approach to abortion.

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Keeping Jewish - March 2024


The March 2024 issue of Keeping Jewish features Dr. Esther Sternberg of the University of Arizona and her approach to workplace wellness.

A Tucson firefighter shares his memories from October 7 in Israel, and our rabbi spells out 10 critical lessons to counter hate.

Get ready for the holiday of Purim with our guide, beed hamantashen wontons, socially acceptable costumes, and our fun page.

Read about the first president of the Hadassah women's organization, the wine bottle that waited 14 years, and the deeper meaning of Mazal.

And welcome to town: Eric Garfinkle from Texas, who is enjoying Tucson's mountains and has an exciting celebration approaching...

Keeping Jewish - February 2024


Did you not receive the printed February 2024 issue of Keeping Jewish? Read it online!

The Maimonides scholar, a teenager's letter to G-d, an interview with a new resident, a recipe for cauliflower popcorn, a lifesaving connection, President Lincoln's Jewish telegrapher, a comical beginner's guide to Jew-haters and the Jewish landmark quiz.

Keeping Jewish - Tu Bishevat issue

 Keeping Jewish Jan 24.jpg

Check out the new issue of Keeping Jewish for the month of Shevat, celebrating the New Year of Trees.

Read about the kosher products of Cheri's Desert Harvest, the Trees for You program of Tucson Electric Power, and the connection between roots and fruits.

Welcome to town: Jacob Snider, an engineer who loves learning new things.

And don’t miss the new comic strip on the fun page.

Keeping Jewish - Chanukah holiday


The new December issue of Keeping Jewish is dedicated to the holiday of Chanukah. It features a guide on how to celebrate, where, a recipe for a Moroccan donut, and 6 gifts nobody wants but you may want to buy ;-)

The recent release of Israeli hostages from Gaza is celebrated, and one of them is ready for his Bar Mitzvah thanks to his mother's steadfast faith.

Welcome to town: Ellen Bernstein moved from Fort Meyers, Florida. While she's adjusting to the dry air, she says this is her last move.

Read about the true meaning of the word tzedakah, the life of the first Jewish U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, and the importance of education and values amidst the conflict zones. 

Keeping Jewish - November 2023

 Keeping Jewish Nov 23.jpg

The new issue of Keeping Jewish is once again dedicated to the war that Israel is fighting. Abbi Friedman Perets provides a personal account of life under threat, Tucson congregations plan Solidarity Shabbat, and a story about holding on for dear life.

Plus: 10 tips for hosting an enjoyable Shabbat meal, and the meaning of the Hebrew word "ligmol."

Welcome to town: Richard Wagner, who knows more about cinema than any ornithologist and more about birds than any film critic.

Veterans Day: A meeting that transformed a disabled veteran.

Thanksgiving: A humorous history of the holiday.

Recipe of the month: Hearty carrot muffins, perfect for the colder days.

Don't miss the fun page: Take the quiz about Jewish warriors, and try the DIY get-well card for someone under the weather.

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Keeping Jewish - Israel at war


The October issue of the Keeping Jewish newspaper was ready for print.

Shockingly, the holidays ended with the war that Hamas terrorists launched against Israel.

To show our support and provide comfort, we switched up the edition to reflect the pain and give hope. We hope that in the next issue, we will be able to share only positive articles.

In this issue:

Read an account of a Tucson resident visiting Jerusalem, things you can do for Israel and the support that Arizona is showing.

Interesting facts about Psalms, tips for better sleep, the news sports anchor of KVOA-TV and the newly certified Rita's Italian Ices.

Keeping Jewish - New year of 5784

Keeping Jewish - September 2023-page-001.jpg 

The current issue of the Keeping Jewish newspaper, published by Chabad Tucson, will get you in the spirit of the new Jewish year of 5784.

Featured is a how-to guide on celebrating Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah, along with a delightful salad and a craft to try.

Read about a pivotal trip to Ukraine, Judaism's solution to the "happiness problem," the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, and welcome to town Dr. Diane Ashton, who recalls walking to shul with her Bubbe.

Keeping Jewish - Elul issue


What was it like to raise a Jewish family in Tucson in the 1970s? Bruce and Alayne Greenberg share their story on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Also in the Elul issue of Keeping Jewish: The connection between dry cleaning and teshuva, observances this month, and a fun quiz.

There is also an interview with a new resident, recent kosher developments, a profile about Oppenheimer (the physicist), 17 facts about Mezuzahs, and our humor column.

Keeping Jewish - June 2023


The June issue of Keeping Jewish profiles Rabbi Benzion Shemtov and the new building he's creating for Jews in Sierra Vista.

Welcome to town: Alyssa Katz, a recent hire of the U.S. Public Health Service.

In honor of the Rebbe's yartzeit: The story of how he uplifted Dr. Viktor Frankl, author of Man's Search for Meaning.

Father's Day: Reflections on early mornings and beloved father figures.

Judaism 101 explains the Mitzvah of wearing Tefillin, we have a great recipe for homemade Israeli hummus, an irreverent guide to surviving the summer heat and a quiz of Jewish quotes.

Keeping Jewish - Shavuot issue


The May issue of Keeping Jewish features the story of the Levkowitz family, pioneers of Cong. Young Israel of Tucson and the first Mikvah in Arizona.

In honor of the Shavuot holiday: 9 facts that you should know, 10 women who impacted Torah scholarship, savory cheese verenikas, honoring freedom, and a word search for the books of the Bible.

Welcome to town: Ben Turgeman, an aspiring diplomat who is working as an adjudicator at the Western Passport Center.

Our history pages include some forgotten tragedies from this month and, in honor of Mother's Day, a call to reframing the caregiving experience. Our humorist wants a better way to end a conversation. 

Keeping Jewish - Passover issue


University of Arizona professor Elyse Golob is the cover story of the new issue of the Keeping Jewish newspaper. She talks about overcoming a turbulent past.

Also featured is a quick guide for Passover and the Seder, recipes for charoset and brisket, a story about Matzah in Sibera, interesting Jewish facts about Egypt, and a humorous rant about the Afikoman.

Prepare for the counting of the Omer, read about the current heated debate in Israel in a different light, and try answering a quiz about the Hagaddah.

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