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Keeping Jewish

Keeping Jewish - Tu Bishvat issue


In the new issue of Keeping Jewish from Chabad Tucson:

Tu Bishvat articles:

  • Former Tucsonan Carla Boyd reconnects with roots - literally
  • A guide to celebrating the New Year of Trees
  • A humorous take on eating fruit - fresh and dried
  • An essay about green thumbs

Why some dreams come true - in honor of MLK Day

Divine road word - for the yartzeit of the Rebbe's wife

Welcome to town: Zev Berger, assistant professor at the University of Arizona

From Feigie's Kitchen: The traditional chicken and matzo ball soup

Plus: The basic Yiddish quiz, a coloring corner for kids, learning Hebrew as an adult and more.


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Keeping Jewish - Chanukah issue

Lights, action! The special Chanukah issue includes the story of Tucson's tallest Menorah, a list of celebrations, an historic find and a wonderful holiday poem by Marsha Blitzer.

Check out a recipe for delicious zucchini latkes and a humorous take on how we actually make latkes...

There are new books on the bookshelf, a father's message on his daughter's Bat Mitzvah, an artist's take on spending a morning in Jerusalem and a word scrabble to take a crack at.

We welcome to town Bill Pozez from Pennsylvania and hear about his volunteering with the Kosher Meals on Wheels program.


Keeping Jewish - Thanksgiving issue


Judy Katz Esbit, who survived cancer, has a perspective of gratitude that serves as a beacon of light for herself and others.

She shares her joyful journey against all odds in the November 2021 issue of Keeping Jewish.

In the issue, you will also find a Q&A with a Daniel Feldman in honor of Veterans Day, a recipe for a homemade sweet potato pie, reflections ahead of Chanukah and all about a Chassidic milestone.

Read it online: https://issuu.com/keepingjewish/docs/keepingjewishnov2021

Read it in print: https://chabadtucson.com/subscribeprint


Keeping Jewish for October 2021


In this month's issue of Keeping Jewish for October 2021:

Former EPA consultant John Jones speaks about Tucson's drinking water as we begin our daily prayer for rain.

Angela Cohan, who fled Iran just before the Islamic revolution, wrote a cookbook to preserve the cuisine of the Persian Jewish culture.

We welcome to town Raquel Schnitzer and her family from Phoenix with the Jewish questionnaire (she's a descendant of the father of the Mussar movement).

Medical professionals in Israel speak about the impact of Covid-19 on the mental health of teens.

We have an enlightening article about the inner workings of the Jewish calendar (and why this year is a leap year), tips on making a new year's resolution, a mushroom barley soup from Feigie Ceitlin and the fun page.

Read all about it!


Keeping Jewish #6 for the new Jewish year


The new issue of Keeping Jewish for September 2021 is filled with inspiration and guidance for the new Jewish year of 5782.

Michal Oshman, an executive TikTok and formerly at Facebook, writes about a lesson she learned during a family dinner during the pandemic.

Our Judaism 101 pages give a brief overview on Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Simchat Torah (with members of the Kosher in Tucson group on Facebook sharing how they break the fast).

Read the new "Jewish questionnaire" with Sid Abrams, a new resident of Tucson who just celebrated his 85th birthday.

We have inspirational writings by Rabbi Yossie Shemtov, former basketball player Omri Casspi and Miriam Lippel Blum who recently passed away.


Keeping Jewish #5


Check out the new issue of Keeping Jewish for August 2021, the monthly newspaper of Chabad Tucson!

Our cover boy is Jay Sherman, owner and head designer of Off the Wall Furniture Solutions. His personal story is an inspiration for the month of Elul. 

Oh, honey: There's a new kosher wine that is made out of honey and Feigie Ceitlin presents a classic honey cake recipe.

Back to school! A veteran educator provides useful tips to navigate what both parents and children dread... homework.

Plus: Suzanne Cummins has a suggestion box for G-d, Rabbi Yehuda Ceitlin drew 7 life lessons from the pool and Catherine Roozman-Weigensberg writes about "the invisible caregivers."



Keeping Jewish #4

Keeping Jewish 4 - July 2021.jpg 

New issue of Keeping Jewish, the monthly newspaper of Chabad Tucson!

American journey: Gloria Goldman tells how she, Mo Goldman Larissa Goldman became immigration attorneys.

Meatless Days: Members of Kosher in Tucson group on Facebook discuss plant-based products.

Ninja mom: Phoenix Jewish mother of 4 Liba Yoffe competes on American Ninja Warrior Nation 

Plus: Rabbi Yehuda Ceitlin writes about Surfside, former diplomat Thomas Price writes about Jerusalem of the Balkans, and Judaism 101 has you covered about the fast day of Tisha B'Av.



Third issue of Keeping Jewish

KeepingJewish3.jpgWhen we planned this month’s issue of Keeping Jewish, we asked a few members of the community to write a columns about antisemitism. We had no idea it would hit so close to home - here in Tucson.

Read what John Winchester, Anjelina Belakovskaia, Alma Hernandez, Rabbi Dr. Howard Schwartz and Rabbi Yehuda Ceitlin had to say about the rise of anti Jewish hate.

Read online: https://issuu.com/keepi.../docs/keeping_jewish_3_-_june_2021


For home delivery: https://www.chabadtucson.com/5111542 

Second Issue of Keeping Jewish


The second issue of Keeping Jewish was published and mailed out to subscribers.

You can pick up your copy at Chabad Tucson, Chabad at the U of A, Chabad on River, Al Basha Grocery, Coffee X Change, Chabad Oro Valley and Chabad Sierra Vista. 

Read it online: https://issuu.com/keepingjewish/docs/keepingjewish2-may2021 

Keeping Jewish is published


In his youth, the pro-Israel activist Jonathan Kessler would meet a Chabad Yeshiva boy on the New York subway who would offer to put Tefillin on him.

Kessler regularly refused. Yet, every time they met, the Chabad boy would offer him the opportunity to pray.

After meeting so many times, Kessler told him: "You probably failed in your mission."

Without missing a beat, the Chabad boy said: "Well, it depends what you think my mission is..."

"Your mission is to get me to put on Tefillin and I haven't," Kessler said.

"I actually have been very successful in my mission," the Chabad boy replied. "My mission is to remind you that you are Jewish and that we care and love you just as you are..."

Chabad Tucson has been offering a wide range of services, classes and programs since 1983. Some of those are religious by nature, others have a more intellectual, cultural or humanitarian orientation.

What they all have in common is the purpose behind them as taught by the Rebbe - to enrich the lives of people in Tucson and across Southern Arizona.

Our newest initiative is publishing a newspaper called "Keeping Jewish." Its goal is to keep people engaged and celebrate Jewish traditions and be inspired by our heritage and stories. 

It will be distributed free to all members of the Jewish community and beyond and will serve as an occasional reminder that we are thinking about you.

The first pilot issue was published for Passover 2021 and our next issue is scheduled for May 2021, in time for the holiday of Shavuos.

Subscription is free. Sign up at: https://www.chabadtucson.com/5111542

If you can contribute (with writing, photographing etc.) and to inquire about advertising, please email: [email protected]

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